We are stepping into a better future.
Zhejiang Yuxi Corrosion Control Corporation adheres to customer first, technology foremost, trying to become the international first-class industrial corrosion protection enterprise. We create values to customers and society.
Innovation leads to continuous breakthroughs. Limits surpass starts from team cooperation.
In 2003, Ou Shuhui established Ningbo Yuxi Cathodic Protection Materials Co.,Ltd after he deals with import and export trade for over 10 years and was engaged in providing high-quality corrosion control products. The reason for this choice is that it is a profession which makes contribution to the society, has broad prospects and is worth struggling for lifetime. During the past ten years, Yuxi has established stable status around the world by virtue of its excellent products and service. However, there is a question in Yuxi: Why the price of Chinese products must be lower than products made in Europe and America? Therefore, we want to make a commitment to our customers and industry: Our products quality will be better than the international industry standard. We will not sacrifice the quality to control the cost. We will provide excellent service beyond customers' expectation. This is our great career. We will do our best to maintain the sustainable industrial environment.
We do not have legendary history but we have feelings.
From chemical industry to green power industry, we bring more profits to company and provide more chances of prospective development for the country and create more jobs for industry. This is the social responsibility of Yuxi. Besides development of relative materials and advanced technology, Yuxi focuses on producing low-pollution and high added-value products and invests more on research and innovation. We think innovation will lead to more breakthroughs and team cooperation will excel the limits. Yuxi will always be competitive and achieve sustainable development.
We confront challenges and reform and become the partner of customers
Until now, Yuxi is based on basic industry and realizes continuous and stable development. Yuxi has experienced market changes and has been observing the future market trends with investment and innovation. Currently, our business covers petroleum, natural gas, marine engineering, electronic energy, transportation, public equipment, civilian devices. Equipped with resources from all over the world, we devote ourselves to improving the product quality and creating more values to our customers. The market status will be rising and we will adapt to new changes.
The company development is a race. The manager and staff should have ability of quick learning.
Looking ahead to the future, we have confidence to become a world-class company When Asian corrosion control company is referred to, Yuxi will ring a bell. This is the challenge for ourselves. We are willing to help Yuxi make progress to live up to responsibility and get the approval of society.