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Aug 03
The Sixth Student Donation Activity
On July 26, the Party branch of Zhejiang Yuxi Corrosion Control Corporation participated in the sixth student donation activity organized by the general Party branch of Xinqiao chamber of Commerce, and made donations to poor students in Xinqiao school together with other party branches. In this donation activity, members of Zhejiang Yuxi Party branch donated 12100 yuan,...
Jul 02
The "Government-Enterprise Co-action" Fire Drill and Fire Safety Escape Drill of the People's Government of Xinqiao Town and Zhejiang Yuxi ended successfully!
On the morning of June 29, 2020, Xiangshan base carried out the "government enterprise Co-action" fire drill and fire safety escape drill of Xinqiao Town People's government and Zhejiang Yuxi. While improving the safety awareness of the on-site personnel, the drill made the personnel master the fire emergency rescue procedures and methods, and improved the ability of the emergency rescue t...
Jul 02
The CPC Zhejiang Yuxi Party Branch held a branch meeting, and Wang Yichuan was accepted as a reserve party member.
After a secret ballot, more than half of the formal party members who should attend the meeting and have the right to vote, the branch meeting passed a resolution to accept Wang Yichuan as a reserve party member. ...
May 26
Yuxi Magnesium Anode ▏Launching & Seminar Meeting of "Made in Zhejiang" Group Standard Ended Successfully
Launching & Seminar Meeting of "Made in Zhejiang" Group Standard——Cathodic Protection Magnesium Alloy Sacrificial Anode of were held in Xiangshan production base of Yuxi with fruitful results and clear items of follow-up work plan at 2:00 p.m. on May 20, 2020,.   The meeting was chaired by Mr. Shi Shaoli, Director of the Technology Development Department of Zhejiang Qu...
Jan 21
2019 Zhejiang Yuxi Annual Meeting has been Closed Successfully!
2019 Zhejiang Yuxi Annual Meeting was held in Xiangshan Factory on January 17, 2020. This annual meeting was separated into two part as usual, the first is 2019 Annual Summary Commendation Conference, the second is 2020 Annual Party. -2019 Annual Summary Commendation Conference- With the overall economic situation declining, Yuxi's overall stable development i...