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Fang Yuan Quality Mark Certification Group conduct the first audit of Company's certification

In Aug, 2014, the panel of Fangyuan Mark Certification Group came to Yuxi to conduct the audit of environment, occupational health and safety management system. This review is an authoritative inspection of Yuxi's environment, occupational health and safety management system. It will help to improve the company's management level. 

Liang Yun, deputy general manager of Yuxi, accompanied the panel to audit. The panel, in the 2 days of audit, according to ISO14001-2004, ISO9001-2008 standard, respectively inspect for different divisions of company such as products, duty, target completion, design and development, production and manufacturing, the implementation of process, nonconforming product control, environmental factors, hazard source, human resource and safety laws and regulations. They agree that Yuxi’s environment and occupational health and safety management system is sufficient, appropriate and effective. 

At the ending of the meeting, all the members of panel agreed that Yuxi has passed the review. On Sept 11, 2014, Yuxi obtained “environment, occupational health and safety management system” certificate.