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2019 Zhejiang Yuxi Annual Meeting has been Closed Successfully!

2019 Zhejiang Yuxi Annual Meeting was held in Xiangshan Factory on January 17, 2020.

This annual meeting was separated into two part as usual, the first is 2019 Annual Summary Commendation Conference, the second is 2020 Annual Party.

-2019 Annual Summary Commendation Conference-

With the overall economic situation declining, Yuxi's overall stable development is inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees of the company. Especially those who are obscure, down-to-earth and dedicated in their posts. Of course, the development of the company is inseparable from hard-working employees and strong supporters.

After a brief speech, Mr. Ou made a "2019 Annual Work Summary" on the company's development. In the summary, he made a statement on the performance and potential of the company's various sectors, pointing out that the company has a lot of room for development in market development and technology research and development.

But at the same time, Mr. Ou also mentioned that the shortcomings of the company in 2018 still exist, and there is no obvious improvement. The company needs to work together to solve the problem, prevent and correct it.

After thanking every employee who is striving for his job, Mr. Ou elaborated the 2020 development plan from the 2020 annual goal, management goal, core work, technological innovation plan and other aspects, and determined the future development direction of the company: corrosion control solutions and safe operation management with energy, chemical industry, marine industry and military industry as the key service objects.

[Working Report by Mr. Ou]

The role model is like the coordinates of life and the guide to the success of the business. It brings us endless energy and the belief of victory. Every ordinary but silently working leader, wields sweat with his sweat, uses his wisdom to brew the agar of victory, and uses surging passion to leave a strong impression for the company's annual sales performance.

The first is 2019 Outstanding Team Award, the nominated teams are Polyurea Engineering Department and International Business Department. Both of them have achieved excellent results in their respective market. And the Polyurea Engineering Department finally won the Award.

The second is 2019 Outstanding Employee Award, they are Chen Jie of International Business Department, Zhang Xiaoyang of Internal Business Department, Hu Libiao of R&D Department, Feng Haixing of Engineering Department, Yi Hong of Financial Department, Ye Kai of Rhino Coating Technology Department, Xu Mengtian of Tenghui Materials Department, and Jiang Yijuan, Ynag Dongxu, Liu Xiuxiang, Liu Binbin who are from Production Department.

And the nominated employee are Yang Jiupan, Wang Rui, Fan Luxiao, Gui Minna, Wang Danna, Li Lingqin.

[2019 Outstanding Team Award]

[Speech by Outstanding Team Representative]

[2019 Outstanding Employee Award]

[Speech by Yang Dongxu, Representative of Excellent Employees]

-2020 Annual Party-

Wonderful programs and exciting Raffles accompanied by delicious dinner. Although the lottery is exciting, everyone's performance is even more colorful.

Those enthusiastic employees also responded to everyone's expectations, singing on the stage, adding to the joy of tonight.

[Party Beginning]

[Dance: "Fluorescence Dance"]

[Solo: "Girl by the Bridge"]

[Sign Language Dance: "Grateful Heart"]

[ Chorus: "Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies"]

[Guitar: "Father"]

[Chorus: "Friends"]


[The Fourth Prize]

[The Third Prize]

[The Second Prize]

[The First Prize]

2019 has passed, and a year of busyness has paid off. After a short rest, we are about to usher in 2020 full of opportunities and challenges. Let's see you next year and look forward to working together towards a common goal in the new year. I wish Yuxi a stable and early realization of the listing goal!