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The CPC Zhejiang Yuxi Party Branch held a branch meeting, and Wang Yichuan was accepted as a reserve party member.

On June 29, 2020, the Zhejiang Yuxi Party Branch of the Communist Party of China held a branch meeting to study  Wang Yichuan's acceptance as a reserve party member.. All the party members in Xiangshan attended, and the party members in Ningbo participated in the remote screening.

The party branch meeting was conducted strictly in accordance with the procedures for preparing party members. Wang Yichuan solemnly read the "Volunteer to Join the Party" and reported on the basic situation of the party's knowledge, motivation to join the party, personal resume, actual performance, main family members and main social relations, and other issues that need to be explained to the party organization.

The party introduction introduced the performance of Wang Yichuan since it was listed as a development target, the training and education of it and the current deficiencies, and expressed his agreement to accept Wang Yichuan as a reserve party member. Subsequently, the support committee read out the review of the development targets to the branch meeting. The party members who participated in the meeting launched a heated exchange and discussion on whether Wang Yichuan could be accepted as a reserve party member of the Communist Party of China, fully expressed their opinions, and agreed that Wang Yichuan basically met the conditions for reserve party members.

After a secret ballot, more than half of the formal party members who should attend the meeting and have the right to vote, the branch meeting passed a resolution to accept Wang Yichuan as a reserve party member.

Party members who attended the meeting hoped that Wang Yichuan could improve the level of political theory, continue to strengthen professional and technical ability learning, play a pioneer role model in his work, and strive to become a glorious member of the Communist Party of China on schedule.