Take advantage of cathodic protection materials to build a wonderful tomorrow
Cathodic Protection technology is the technology to stop or prevent the protected metal structure from electrochemical corrosion. Reasonable cathodic protection can lengthen the service life of metal structure and ensure its safe operation.
Basic introduction
The most common type of power supply used for impressed current cathodic protection is a transformer/rectifier, commonly referred to simply as a rectifier. A rectifier converts the AC power supply voltage to the required output voltage and then converts it to DC. Rectifiers are either supplied in ventilated cases to allow convective air cooling or are immersed in transformer oil. Rectifiers are normally powered by an AC power system. The rectifier input is an AC voltage from the commercial electrical power grid or an engine-generator. A transformer with tap adjustments in the secondary side provides a method to reduce and adjust the output voltage level and to isolate the DC circuit from the input power system. A rectifying circuit next converts the adjusted AC voltage to produce a DC voltage output.

The basic units of a rectifier consist of:
1   AC Supply
2   Circuit breaker
3   Transformer
4   Rectifying elements
5   Meters
6   DC Output Terminals
7   Fuses
8   Surge protection

Yuxi acquires an electronic manufacture-CHANGLIAN with more than 40years of history in 2014. This factory has 20 years of experiences in manufacturing Transformer Rectifier, so far China’s first Rectifier made by Changlian for Sinopec is still in operating in Ningbo. This acquisition enables Yuxi have the full capability to supply high end electronic equipment for the industry it served, most importantlythe Transformer Rectifier.

Product Line:
1   YX-DJ-1 Air Cooled Type
2   YX-DJ-2 Oil Cooled Type
3   YX-FPS-1 Explosion Proof Type
4   YX-HPS-1B HFS Type
5   YX-SFS-1 Solar Type


YX-DJ-1 is normal air cooled type rectifier used in non-hazardous area, this TR has been provided with automatic switching function of operation mode, and function of anti-jamming and anti-lightning to increase reliability greatly. The TR has adopted key-press operation .Multimeters can be shown by multiple digital meters at the same time. Operation and control are simple and intuitive. The TR can be connected with computer to transmit parameters and working state remotely and control operation mode and potential given value remotely, which has realized intelligent management.


YX-DJ-2 Oil-cooled transformer rectifier adopts thyristor primary regulator, transformer decompression and rectification technology of secondary rectifying tube. The TR is provided with smooth output regulation, small loss and high efficiency. Transformer, rectifying unit and filtering unit are equipped in oil box, and control components are equipped in control box. The degree of protection of enclosure is IP65.


YX-FPS-1 is oil cooling, explosion proof type rectifier built for Zone 1 & 2 areas according to the 94/9/EC (ATEX) directive. It is used in the place in which there are requirements for explosion-proof to protect metal structures and equipments, such as pipelines, cables, tanks and piers and so on by im­pressing current.