Take advantage of cathodic protection materials to build a wonderful tomorrow
Cathodic Protection technology is the technology to stop or prevent the protected metal structure from electrochemical corrosion. Reasonable cathodic protection can lengthen the service life of metal structure and ensure its safe operation.
Basic introduction
Solar power Systems with Battery Backup for Cathodic Protection are quiet and operate automatically using solar electric technology. As the sun rises, the solar power system begins to deliver utility grade electricity to dedicated loads. The solar system provides power for daytime loads and battery charging for nighttime loads.
We can design, engineer, and integrate a solar powered cathodic protection system for your industrial needs.


Operation Conditions

1  Temperature Range: -4°F to 149°F ( -20°C to 65°C)

2  Relative Humidity: ≤95%( non-condensing)

3  Atmospheric Pressure: 86Kpa to 106Kpa


Professional Design and sizing for Reliability

2   High efficiency & high reliability

3   No AC Power Required

Infrared – operation or mobile phone App controlled

5   Longer working life

6   Ready for Installation

Applicable to Explosion-proof Area

Performance parameters

1  Power Rating: Custom Made to your specs from 20 Watts to 1000Watts

2  Battery Capacity: 36V/760W or Custom Made to your specs

3  Voltage: Custom Made to your specs from 6 Volts DC to 50 Volts DC

4  Reserve: 3 to 7 day Battery Backup Option