Take advantage of cathodic protection materials to build a wonderful tomorrow
Cathodic Protection technology is the technology to stop or prevent the protected metal structure from electrochemical corrosion. Reasonable cathodic protection can lengthen the service life of metal structure and ensure its safe operation.
Basic introduction
Intelligent test post can convey the collected data to Internet data base via various communications methods (such as GPRS, wired and wireless transmission) and mark the test post on the map interface by its GPS location to realize visual operation.
Intelligent test post can use a variety of power supply mode( battery, solar power. It is regularly in dormancy and can be waked up in a setting time. Then the control center will send data acquisition and time calibration order. The acquisition instrument transmits the protected potential and battery capacity to monitor and adjusts the clock time same as the server.


1     Reliability

If the system cannot test the data sent by test post, the control center will automatically send alarm and reload the acquisition instrument. The acquisition instrument will send the data again to the server to ensure the continuity and completeness of data operation.

2     Ductility

It has loaded data node function and other types of sensors can be involved and transmit the data.

3     Low power consumption

The acquisition instrument can significantly reduce power consumption and prolong its lifespan to 10 year without breakdowns by alternating the dormancy, acquisition and communication ways of working.