Take advantage of cathodic protection materials to build a wonderful tomorrow
Cathodic Protection technology is the technology to stop or prevent the protected metal structure from electrochemical corrosion. Reasonable cathodic protection can lengthen the service life of metal structure and ensure its safe operation.
Basic introduction
Cathodic protection monitoring system is a set of remote intelligent on-line monitoring system for cathodic protection. The monitoring system can be applied in these usages:

1   CP potential data collection on some points
2   Transformer rectifier data collection
3   Regional CP data collection

Yuxi Cathodic Protection (CP) monitoring system monitors CP Transformer Rectifier’s impressed current, voltage and optionally pipe-to-soil potential measurements.


1 Power supply modes: solar energy, rechargeable battery, non-chargeable lithium battery or field power supply.

2 Data Transmission Mode: Conventional Radio Network, GSM Network, RS-485 Network, TCP/IP Network.

3 Data-logging: Embedded SD, Sample frequency up to every single hour(or customized).

4 Operating Environment: Temperature ranges from-15℃ to +45℃, Humidity ranges from 0% to 95%( non-condensing).


Web based GIS Cathodic Protection Data management & control interface (both PC & Smartphone Client) Historical data track, plot, report Abnormal database Trend, alarm, event, diagnostics, configuration views Alarm forwarding Remote TRU maintenance (program downloading, on-line monitoring, parameter changing) New TRU can be added easily.