Anti-corrosion coating project—Introduction
The coating used in the anti-corrosion project consists of grease, resin, backfill, pigment, flexibilizer. It applies for structure suffering from atmosphere corrosion, acid mist corrosion, corrosive liquid. The common anti-corrosion coating is vinyl peroxide paint, asphalt paint, raw lacquer, cashew resin, phenolic paint, polyurethane paint.

Specific Service
Main applications
Crude oil, product oil, inside of chemicals tank, heating tube, high-temperature parts, tank bottom, tank bottom lining,
The decoration and anti-corrosive protection of engineering machinery, machine tool and mobile parts.
The protection and painting of chimney and other high-temperature structures
The protection of outer wall, patch, bending of pipelines and special shape pipes
The protection of bridges, steel structure and container in the corrosive environment