Investigation and analysis of material failure—Introduction
The material corrosion is the most common form of material failure. Material failure will impose great damages and losses in the project. The analysis and judgment of cause of material failure and its solutions is very important in the practical project.
The purpose of analysis of material failure
1 Avoid the failure from happening again
2 Basis of design and production of mechanical products
3 Eliminate the risks and ensure the safety
4 Improve the quality of product
Process of analysis
Record in detail the material failure in the form of technical document including the features of failure and surroundings
Observe the shape feature of the failed material
Evaluate the bearing capacity and other mechanical properties by stress analysis of load-carrying products.
Investigate the mechanical properties, mechanical performance and corrosion resistance performance of material by analysis of chemical composition
Analyze the production and every step of process
Macro-structure analysis
Micro-structure analysis
Comprehensive analysis