SolutionsCathodic Protection of New type of oil and gas pipeline

The general problems of traditional cathodic protection

As for long-distance oil and gas pipeline, cathodic protection system and anti-corrosive coating consists of complete corrosion control system. But the traditional cathodic protection system has the following problems:

Complicated installation of anode groundbed
The anode groundbed of high silicon cast iron anodes and tubular MMO anodes are embedded with coke. It will increase the weight of anodes. The excavation becomes more difficult and work schedule will be delayed.
High cost of anode groundbed installation
Owing to complicated construction procedures, the traditional anode groundbed system needs high investment.
Traditional transformer rectifier has big volume, low efficiency and intelligent level
The traditional thyristor rectifier has low efficiency and big volume. The modern power supply can achieve low cost, high efficiency and high reliability. The current cathodic protection system of pipeline adopts big specification such as 30V/10A. However, The cathodic protection current is usually very small( less than 10W in stations). Too much current will lead to abnormal operation of transformer rectifier. In the meantime, traditional transformer rectifier cannot meet the internet demands. Therefore the cathodic protection power supply should have big adjustable ranges, high precision, high efficiency, high reliability and long life to satisfy the market needs.

Intelligent, reliable, green, cheap and long-life cathodic protection system of pipeline

Zhejiang Yuxi developed solutions of new type long-distance pipeline cathodic protection system backed with advancement of industrial technology and experience including the following aspects: