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The flexible anode is a kind of anode which is prepackaged in a porous, non-woven fabric “sock” that contains high conductivity calcined petroleum coke breeze —— enhancing the abrasion and damage resistance. It improves the current distribution efficiency and helps prevent over-voltage problems such as hydrogen generation and associated rapid coating disbondment. 

Our MMO linear anode consists of titanium wire coated with Ir-Ta mixed metal oxide catalyst, running in parallel with an insulated copper conductor.

Quality Copper Conductor

Our power cable delivers the required current over considerable distance without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop. The choice of the cable can be made from HMWPE, XLPE/PVC, Kynar/HMWPE or as per specification.

High-grade MMO Wire
The core of the anode is composed of high-tensile titanium wire, which meets ASTM B348 Grade I/II. The iridium-tantalum mixed metal oxide catalyst demonstrate high chemical stability for use in soil or fresh water, where low chloride ions present.

Evenly Backfill Filling
High performance calcined petroleum coke breeze is tightly pre-packaged and evenly distributed all around the anode, serving as the active matrix in which the electrochemical reactions take place.
● Carbon Content: 98.5% Min.
● Ash: 0.6%
● Moisture: 0.05%
● Volatiles: Nil(950ºC)
● Resistivity: 0.1 Ω.cm [per G.L.C.-C-12A, 10 bar (145psi) @23ºC (73ºF)

Tight Joint Sealing
The MMO wire and the copper conductor are crimped together. Besides, the connection joint is sealed in a splice kit with epoxy resin to prevent water intrusion — Helium Leak Test passed. Connections are nominally made at 5m(16.4 ft.) intervals to ensure uniform current distribution along the length of the anode. Different connection intervals can be accommodated as required.

● Copper Cable Connection Resistance: 3.08x10-3 Ω.m
● MMO Wire Volume Resistivity: 9~11 mΩ.cm
● Cable Joint Resistivity: 1.0 mΩ Max.

Acid-resistant Braid Fabric Jacket
The anode is prepackaged with porous, non-woven synthetic sleeve. This tough sleeve is sewn using a poly two or four-thread double interlocking stitch, which prevents the seam from separating during installation, or when stored in high temperature conditions.

● Bursting Strength: 500 N [per ISO 3303]
● Abrasion Resistance: 100 Cycles to Failure [per ASTM D-4157]
● Fluid Resistance: Pass [6-month Immersion Test]
● Chlorine Resistance: Pass [6-month Immersion Test]
● UV Resistance: 55% Tear Strength Loss [per ASTM G-53: 8 hrs @ 60ºC (140ºF), 4 hrs condensation @ 50ºC (122ºF)]

Reel Packing
Our MMO linear anode can be packed on wooden or steel reel as required. It is normally installed right from the factory provided reel into the trench for easy transportation.

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