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YUXI launching the meeting of setting the Chinese Standard of Magnesium Anode
Launching & Seminar Meeting of "Made in Zhejiang" Group Standard——Cathodic Protection Magnesium Alloy Sacrificial Anode of were held in Xiangshan production base of Yuxi with fruitful results and clear items of follow-up work plan at 2:00 p.m. on May 20, 2020.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Shi Shaoli, Director of the Technology Development Department of Zhejiang Quality Conformity Assessment Association, and Mr. Wang Guiming, President of the China Industrial Corrosion Protection Technology Association, Mr. Qiu Yao, Deputy Director of Scientific Research Department of Ningbo Vocational and Technical College, Mr. Zhang Zhenya, Associate Professor of Ningbo Institute of Technology, Mr. Ou Shuhui, Chairman of Zhejiang YUXI and senior leaders of the company, Mr. Shu Wenbing, Industry Expert of Ningbo Jinzhiyuan Technology Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Gu Jing, Project Manager of Ningbo Jinzhiyuan Technology Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Jianyong, representative of Ningbo Zhongfa Machinery Mould Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Yongyue, representative of Ningbo Heli Mould Technology Co., Ltd., Representatives of upstream and downstream enterprises such as Ningbo Zhongfang Testing Organization attended the meeting. Based on the premise of the advanced and top-level requirements of the "Made in 

Zhejiang" Group Standard, to jointly help YUXI to achieve the goal of leading the domestic industrial anti-corrosion industry and benchmarking the international advanced level.

At the meeting, Mr. Luo Zhongjiang, an engineer from the Zhejiang YUXI Technology R & D Department, introduced the content and advanced nature of the draft of "Made in Zhejiang" Group Standard——Cathodic Protection Magnesium Alloy Sacrificial Anode, and give specific analysis statements on the current status of the product industry and the beginning and end of the standard formulation.

The members and experts of the Standard Working Group discussed the draft fiercely, and fully affirming the achievements of YUXI in industrial corrosion. Valuable amendments were made to its content, the main content and structure of the standard were determined, and the follow-up standard development work plan was clarified, based on the product manufacturing process, performance indicators, inspection and testing, and quality commitment.

After the meeting, Chairman Ou Shuhui stated that Yuxi will stick to the original intention of making contributions to the corrosion industry, strengthen innovation, focus on quality, and maintain the advanced and innovative nature of "Made in Zhejiang" according to the Zhejiang manufacturing positioning of "first-class in domestic and advance in international". Yuxi will strive to create a first-class industrial corrosion protection enterprise in international, and prove that the "Made in Zhejiang" certification can withstand market inspection once again.

To create a "Made in Zhejiang" brand is an important measure taken by Zhejiang Province to solve the problems of low industrial level, insufficient brand internationalization, and weak corporate competitiveness. "Made in Zhejiang" focuses on upgrading standards and quality, and increasing brand efficiency to promote Zhejiang's economy to a higher level and higher quality starts from the supply chain of the manufacturing industry. To play a good role in the “Made in Zhejiang” Group Standards is of great significance for accelerating the construction of an advanced standard system, and improving the coverage and integrating degree of the advanced standard system to the industrial chain which can better seize the opportunity of global industrial chain reconstruction.

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